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Professionalism and motivation

Work Market requires strong professionalism able to grasp all the challenges and turn them into exciting opportunities for growth and development. For this reason in OXero we devote special attention to the professional profiles that are highly motivated in achieving the goals, with excellent communication skills, able to work in a team and share knowledge.

Send your Curriculum Vitae and emphasizes particularly your interpersonal skills and your level:

  • Knowledge of issues related to business intelligence applications
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Paradigm
  • Mastery of programming in Java
  • Experience developing applications according to the standard J2EE
  • Competence analysis and design of complex algorithms
  • Knowledge of issues related to Data warehousing
  • Knowledge of the concepts of Data Modeling
  • Experience in the application of the concepts of Data Dictionary, Data Mining
  • Experience in the use of DB2 database, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB Columnar
  • Mastery of the issues related to Decision Support Systems
  • Experience in the Strategic Management area, Risk Management area, Finance area, Economics and Accounting area
  • Capacity of focus problems, processing hypothesis, conducting the analysis and achievement of the objectives

Candidates to join the staff of Oxero: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Why OXero

  • A Decision Support System All in One
  • The OXero success keys
  • We facilitate the understanding of your data
  • OXero is in your shoes - Respect for the choices of our customer is the basis of our choices
  • We create high technological solutions and services

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  • D&I Platform
    Make complex decision support
  • Main Modules
    All modules available to the platform
  • Value-Added Modules
    Data Entry, Quality System Data, Data Schedule & Broadcast System, Multidimentional Database Generation System
  • Demo Area
    Request an access to the demo

Company data

  • OXero S.r.l. - Sede Operativa
    Via Camillo Rosalba, 47/J
    70124 – Bari – Italy
    Tel +39 080 5618558 Fax +39 080 5618558
  • OXero S.r.l. - Amministrazione e Contabilità
    Via dello Zoosafari, 9
    72015 – Fasano (Brindisi) – Italy
    Tel +39 080 4425629 Fax +39 080 4425497
  • OXero S.r.l. - Sede Operativa
    Via Lago di Sabaudia, 19
    00077 – Roma – Italy
  • Partita I.V.A./C.F.: 01816440745
  • Reg. Impr. Bari N° 01816440745 Cap. Soc. i.v. 50.000 €


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