For any functional context



For any functional context

The Business Intelligence solutions - built using the platform D & I - can be safely applied in any functional context. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge we have developed application solutions, in particular in the banking sector, in the following areas:

  • Regulatory Reporting
    In collaboration with Elsag SpA, a Finmeccanica company, we have made available the platform D & I to form the solution PumaD & I applied to the data of supervisory reports of Elsag allows - sailing the input information and in those of the output array to carry out analyzes on all the elements that qualify the basic information (voice, softly, amount, quantity, phenomenon, hazard class, ...), or allowing a reconciliation to the generation system (report, ndg, technical form, .. .).

    Brochures PumaD&I: the new module of Reporting & Analysis applied to the Regulatory Reporting

    Technical Annex PumaD&I: Technical Annex-functional defining the characteristics of the product PumaD & I

  • Management Control
    The platform D & I applied to management control enables you to navigate through analysis free in the archives of the control systems and to manage all the information about the product / customer centers of responsibility and budget of any nature (statistics, balance sheet, etc.).. D & I may also be used as a tool to investigate anomalous behavior of the centers of responsibility, customers (customer segments), and to define corrective actions or oriented development.
  • Risk Management
    The platform D & I applied to the area of ​​credit risk allows the definition, execution and visualization of multidimensional analysis, according pathways identified in an independent and free and the generation of reports related to the same analyzes (in Internet or client - server).
  • Central Risk
    The platform D & I applied to the Central Credit allows the management of all the information reported for each name according to the Top Down approach - typical of central functions and services - and Bottom Up - typical of the functions that analyze each position or set of positions.
  • Rating Calculation
    The solution for calculating the rating consists of two main modules, the first dedicated to data entry of counterparties for which to calculate the rating, the second for the execution and presentation of the report of the rating calculation. The system is fed manually by the user with a simplified data entry, while the rating calculation is based on Excel template developed by San Paolo IMI for the generation of the score and subsequent conversion into rating classes.

    The models implemented for the San Paolo IMI are related to groups of clients:

    • corporate italy
    • large corporate italy
    • large foreign corporate
    • foreign corporate
    • municipality
    • trust
    • banks
  • Anti Money Laundering

    The solution of Elsag platform based on D & I and 'an open, multilingual, flexible, modular and implements several modules with the aim of offering the bank a strategic tool for the prevention, detection and management of "anti-money laundering events."

    The main modules that make up the solution are the following:

    • KYC (Know Your Customer)
    • Operation Monitoring
    • Real Time Filtering
    • On Line Management
    • Reporting
    • Alert Management

    Technical Annex AML D&I: Technical Annex-functional defining the characteristics of the product AML D & I

  • IAS

    The new solution based on the platform of Sydema D & I aims to consolidate and harmonize the whole wealth of information present in the procedure IAS CREDIT (used for analytical evaluation of non-performing loans). IAS CREDIT Analysis & Reporting is a fundamental support to process, analyze and evaluate the information assets IAS, in order to make decisions and strategies for the successful and timely preparation of financial statements.

    The proposed solution to the market is highly innovative in terms of technology and builds on the experience gained in the construction of the well-established procedure for the analytical evaluation of non-performing loans IAS CREDIT

  • Data Masking
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